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what is new teeth eraser

New teeth eraser , at home Teeth cleaning/ whitening kit

TEETH ERASER solve dental troble

Hightech microfiber- the innovative dental hygiene approach, maintain your naturally healthy teeth.

Teetheraser from lfsponge is best teeth whitening kit

TEETH ERASER absorb teeth stains

New Teeth Eraser is an innovative teeth cleaning products. It developed by the Utra Microfiber Technology, moisturize microfiber. The interior ultra micro capillary, each particle much smaller than on ten thousandth of hair. Fast to absorb the stains from teeth surface.

New Teeth Eraser

Model Number: LF420 (1 handle plus 4 refills with 20 strips)

Material: Melamine Compressed Sponge strip + PP long handle stick

Advantage: Teeth Cleaning Kit Manufacturer 

                    Remove teeth colors with water only

                    No peroxide

                    Remove dark Tobacco/coffees/tea/wine stains in minutes

Usage:Teeth colors caused by coffee, smoking, iced tea, etc

3 Advantages for new teeth eraser from lfsponge for teeth cleaning

This Teeth cleaning kit has been carefully designed in both appearance and product use, effectively improving the overall grade, and as an exclusive product on the market, it has more business advantages.

3 advantages


Smooth surface, S-shaped for stick added special hand grip design, feel better, easy to master . Furthermore, Plug-in plastic head for easy removal and insertion, easy to change refills. 

2. Color 

OEM color is accepted

3. Effect

New Teeth cleaning kit effectively remove stains and descaling. More effective contact with the tooth surface and use the cleaning strip more effectively. Furthermore,this design is easy to wipe the gap between the teeth

Special for obvious teeth stains,such as tobacco stains,tea/coffee/wine stains

TEETH ERASER 4 upgrade effective clean

How does it work

New teeth cleaning kit with our advanced high density compressed sponge is a New Hot Selling Product that we develop with Utra microfiber tech. Each particle is much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand, and works fast to absorb the stains from your tooth surface. It is the most effective against stubborn stains and plaque caused by smoking, coffee, iced tea and more. 

Removes stains from tooth surface based on Physical Absorption Process! Doesn't hurt the enamel!

how does new teeth eraser clean teeth stains in minutes

TEETH ERASER absorb teeth stains just rub

How to use

Moisturize the front white sponge strip,squeeze out excess water

Gently brush the stains on front side of sponge, the teeth stains and plaque will be absorbed instantly on the sponge surface

Gargle after using.

Quick effect on teeth dirt, serveral time need on teeth stains or brown teeth

Heavy smoking tooth , brown tooth, please be patient to use.(effective after eraser every tooth by 3 minutes and above) Clean teeth every 15-20days is advised to reduce the detal plaque .

For yellow teeth, it takes about 2-4weeks to works obviously as the yellow teeth stains have been run into teeth and it need more time to remove the yellow teeth by physical way.


1.Only applicable to clean teeth stains and teeth plaque

2.Pls. Replace new sponge strip each time for health

3.Do not wipe gums

4.Do not eat, keep away from children

5.Not available for kids,patients, pregnat women, lactating women, detal disease.

Not suitable for dental calculus, dental flurosis, tetracycline pigmentation teeth and enamel injured.

Do not use the product if you have any of the mentioned cases, few or no effect!




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