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High Tech Foam Brush for Aircraft cleaning

Aircraft cleaning brush wholesale high-tech foam brush from life nano factory

What is high-tech foam brush

Lfsponge aircraft shell cleaning use Life Nano High tech foam brushLife Nano High tech foam brush adopt high-density technology foam composite polyester fabric ,It has the characteristics of strong cleaning power, no detergent, easy to use, etc. It uses micro-grinding technology of microfiber to penetrate deep inside the micro-holes and quickly remove stubborn dirt. It only needs clear water, which is a new cleaning material for aircraft shells.

Airplane cleaning is  essential

Lfsponge High-tech foam brush saves time and effort for cleaning not hurt aircraft shellThe aircraft is one of the commonly used  of transportation.    

However, smog,dust, oil, carbon deposits, oxides and rubber will   form deposits on the surface  and outer casing  components after a long flight. It not only increases the weight of the aircraft, but also frictional resistance, which often becomes a predisposing factor for corroding aircraft. Therefore, the cleanliness of the aircraft is  essential.

Product properties

Specification: 250*110*22mm

Density: 12kg/m3

Material: high density technology foam

Uses: aircraft shell cleaning

Product features: Just water, safe and efficient

Product Features

Lfsponge High tech foam brush has 3 advangeNew materials: high-tech foam brush composite raised fabric, three-dimensional mesh structure form nanotubes after wetting, with strong adsorption;

Physical cleaning: just clean water, no detergent, automatically adsorb the surface of the aircraft dust, oil and other dirt, do not hurt the fuselage;

Safe and efficient: deep inside the micro-holes, quickly remove stubborn dirt, fine texture, suitable for curved and concave surfaces of aircraft without scratches.

High-tech foam brush is a new type of aircraft cleaning product. It is made of high-density high-tech foam combined with polyester fabric  through special process. It has the characteristics of strong cleaning power, no cleaning agent, saving time and effort.

The super-strong adsorption force of the three-dimensional network structure is used to quickly remove stubborn dirt, and it is only necessary to clean water and not corrode the body.


Lfsponge High tech foam brush solve aircraft shell cleaning problemAircraft smoke, dust, oil, carbon deposits, oxides, etc.

Applicable occasions: aircraft fuselage, motor vehicle body and other vehicles are clean.


· Wet the high-tech foam brush with clean water to squeeze out excess water;

· Gently wipe the stained parts of the aircraft in the same direction, and the dirt is easily removed;

· After use, put the high-tech foam brush into the faucet and rinse it. The dirt can be dissolved by itself and can be used repeatedly.

· The product will be worn out during use, which is normal.




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