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Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge

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Life Nano Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge, powerful multi-purpose cleaning, physical cleaning, efficient, eco-friendly, no hurt hands.with water only,magical cleaning capacity, Clean your house easily and effortlessly.

Material: Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge
Advantage: Factory Direct Suppliers and Manufacturers
Usage: Household Cleaning,ceramic, leather, glass, plastic, stains steel and more!
  • Melamine sponge
  • 10-16kg/m3
  • Eco-Friendly, water only
  • Household Cleaning
  • SGS

Custom Compressed Magic Sponge Eraser, Melamine Cleaner multi-functional foam

life Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge clean household good like mirrors,ceramic, leather, glass, plastic, stains steel office equipment(except screen) and more.jpg

Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge is the revolutionary household cleaning product,made of melamine sponge,micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of hair dip into the surfaces during scrubbing, quickly wipe off the stubborn stains and marks from all surfaces,with water only, no detergent, powerful cleaning effect. Especilaly the Magic Sponge Scouring Pad that made of melamine sponge compounding scouring pad(polyester fiber),It make more durable,not easy fractured, not easy breakdown, make melamine sponge more durable.

It can be used to clean  household good like mirrors (uncoated),ceramic, leather, glass, plastic, stains steel office equipment(except screen) and more!


Compressed Melamine Sponge is made by exclusive technology to improve greatly the quality increase the density to 10/12/16 kg/m⊃3;.The density 8kg/m⊃3; Melamine Sponge is easy tear, dreg and wear.

       Stronger:  Higher density,more powerful cleaning.

       Durable:  Abrasion-resistant, almost no to break, no dregs.

       Flexibility: Good toughness, free to knead.

       Compounding scouring pad: coarse to fine matching, more powerful capacity.

Why choose us

why choose-US-Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge for specialize in manufacturing nano product and household supplies.jpgWe has a complete production line of nano-sponges, with its own proprietary compressed technology of melamine sponge and unique product advantages, and has been awarded multiple product patents and  successfully developed many innovative products.

Our company can provide customer with products with different functions and styles and also full solution plan.The Deep processing and OEM are also available.

Quality: We believe our products will give you an edge over your competitiors.

Design: Innovative design & application

Small order: We accept small order. 

LIFE's Compressed Melamine Sponge to Other Chinese Melamine Sponge


LIFE's Compressed Melamine Sponge Advantage

Ordinary Melamine Sponge

Density 10/12/14/16kg/m3
8.0 kg/m3
Toughness Flexibility, Free to Knead
Weak, Crisp
Environmental More eco-friendly, Almost no residual formaldehyde
Effect Powerful Cleaning, High efficient 
Durable Stronger, Abrasive resistance,More durable
Easy dreg/break, Almost one-time use
Texture Dense texture
Loose texture
3-D Structure



Model Number: 
Product Configuration:Compressed Magic Melamine Sponge
Material: Melamine Sponge
Dimensions: OEM
Usage:            Appliance of Household Cleaning,ceramic, leather, glass, plastic, stains steel and more!
Private Label:Available
Advantage:Factory Direct Suppliers and Manufacturers
Packaging Details:
Delivery Time:Shipped in 21 days after payment




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