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Apple Dewaxing Cleaning Sponge


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Magic Apple Dewaxing is the expert for apple cleaning, pure physical cleaning, formed the 3-D mesh structure by micro-fibres, easy to remove the wax on apples and dirt on other fruits. No detergent, no toxic, eco-friendly. It is the ideal fruit cleaning product.

Model Number: LF804E
Material: Melamine sponge
Advantage: Factory Direct Suppliers and Manufacturers ;No detergent, no toxic Powerful apple dewaxing
Usage: Removes the fruit's wax,Apple dewaxing cleaning sponge
  • LF804E

  • Melamine Sponge

  • 16kg/m3

  • Physical Absorption Principle,no detergent, no toxic, eco-friendly.

  • Removes the fruit's wax,Apple dewaxing cleaning sponge

  • SGS

Homemade apple wax remover, Wholesale Apple Dewaxing Cleaning Sponge Wash for Fresh Fruit From Life Nano-Plastic Factory

apple dewaxing sponge cleaning product.jpgLife Nano Apple Dewaxing is an creative Apple Dewaxing Cleaning Sponge ,adopts the new-type material - compressed melamine foam (the same material with the babies’ melamine tableware). the new type of fruit and vegetable cleaning product, without chemicals and detergent needed. Easily erase the wax, dirt, residues. It is the optimal product for fruit cleaning.

  • Efficient: remove wax quickly.

  • Eco-friendly: No need detergent.

  • Safe: Non-toxic material.

apple dewaxing sponge 7.jpgWaxing is the traditional way to preserve apples, but it is harm for health.But the peels are the most vitamin-rich parts of the apple. So I don't recommend peeling the apples.

Apple Dewaxing erase the fruit wax and dirt completely.

——Rest assured to eat.


Application for cleaning the peel of apple, peach, plum, guava, pear, lemon, tomato, cucumber and so on.

Product Safety

Melamine is an eco-friendly innovative raw material, SGS & BV certificated.

Same melamine material widely used for the baby's tableware and kitchen cookware.

Nano-grade particle,micro-fibres much smaller than ten thousandth of a hair strand.


apple dewaxing sponge magic foam cleaning.jpg

Innovation: nanotubes technology, automatically absorb wax and dirt.

Eco-Friendly: with 99.9% natural anti-bacterial properties, remove pesticide residues

Health: No chemicals, thoroughly clean all dust and dirt.

apple dewaxing sponge best way to clean fruits.jpg

Model Number:  LF804E
Product Configuration:Compressed melamine sponge
Material:     Melamine Sponge
Dimensions:    90x60x8mm/pcx4
Usage:            Removes the fruit's wax,Apple dewaxing cleaning sponge
Private Label: Available
Advantage:     Factory Direct Suppliers and Manufacturers
Packaging Details:4pcs/opp bag + printed paper card
Delivery Time:    Shipped in 21 days after payment




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